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Cypriots' Voice is a socio-political group consisting of active members of the Cypriot civil society sharing the vision of a common multicultural Cyprus where all inhabitants of all communities could live in conditions of freedom, democracy, equality, social justice, and respect of human rights and in accordance with the principles of the European Union.


Cypriots' Voice aims to address all Cypriots by expressing an alternative, prudent, and credible political voice, and by undertaking concrete socio-political projects for the benefit of Cyprus.


Cypriots' Voice was initiated in April 2007 by a small group of Cypriots during a workshop hosted in Brussels with the participation of representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission. The members nominate new candidates who may join the group in their personal capacity pledging their contribution towards achieving the common goals.


Since 2012, Cypriots' Voice participates in the Mediterranean Citizens' Assembly as MCA Cyprus Circle.




Most Read

The Refugees of Cyprus (7) 03 March 2010, 15.43 Administrator Announcements
The Refugees of Cyprus (7)
The Turkish Cypriots citizens of the Republic of Cyprus moved, or were driven from their homes mainly in the period 1963-64, and then during the period 1974-75. Most of them feel that the status quo that prevailed in our
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January 2008 (3) 23 April 2010, 11.55 Administrator Announcements
January 2008 (3)
Cypriots Voice is a sociopolitical forum formed in 2007 by a group of active members from all communities of the Cypriot civil society. The Forum held a meeting in Nicosia on January 18, 2008. In reviewing the
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Converse with Turkey (9) 24 November 2010, 00.00 Administrator Announcements
Converse with Turkey (9)
CYPRIOTS’ VOICE addresses the following announcement to the Authorities and the people of Cyprus: We must converse with Turkey  Recently, in response to a statement by Nicos Anastasiades to POLITIS newspaper, officials
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Using Cross-Voting as a tool for sustainable power-sharing (8) 03 March 2010, 15.26 Administrator Announcements
Using Cross-Voting as a tool for sustainable power-sharing (8)
It was in the press that cross voting mechanism was tabled recently during the Cyprus negotiations. Surprisingly, this proposal was rejected outright by the Turkish Cypriot side.   CYPRIOT’S VOICE believes that
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Brussels Meeting (1) 23 April 2010, 12.21 Administrator Announcements
Brussels Meeting (1)
BI-COMMUNAL GROUP MEETS IN BRUSSELS   A bi-communal group of Cypriots, active members of the Cypriot civil society, met in Brussels on the 17th and 18th of April and exchanged views on the present state of the Cyprus
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Latest News

Communiqué (31) 25 June 2016, 10.41 Administrator Announcements
Communiqué (31)
“Cypriots Voice”, bi-communal forum working for the reunification of Cyprus, had a two-day conference during which assessed the latest developments concerning the Cyprus issue and concluded the following:     1. The
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Communiqué (30) 26 May 2015, 18.13 Administrator Announcements
Communiqué (30)
“Cypriots Voice”, a bi-communal forum working for the reunification of Cyprus, had a two-day conference during which, some 40 participants discussed the latest developments with regard to a solution perspective in Cyprus.
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Communiqué (29) 29 December 2014, 10.03 Administrator Announcements
Communiqué (29)
Cypriots’ Voice speaks out for an urgent settlement Cypriots’ Voice bicommunal forum, having thoroughly examined all basic aspects of the Cyprus Problem and particularly the current crisis caused by the activity of
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Communiqué (28) 05 September 2014, 14.51 Administrator Announcements
Communiqué (28)
CYPRIOTS’ VOICE bi-communal forum considered the situation of the Cyprus problem and concluded as follows: Grass root Joint activity promotes societal cohesion: Cypriots’ Voice endorses, encourages and supports common
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Communiqué (27) 24 March 2014, 23.01 Administrator Announcements
Communiqué (27)
BLESSED ARE THE LEARNED IN HISTORY Due to the fact that announcements are occasionally issued by various citizen groups with regards to their justifiable worries for the JOINT STATEMENT please accept my own thoughts also
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